About Us

"Empowering Tomorrow's Innovations: Discover BlueKei's Digital Engineering Expertise"

Welcome to BlueKei, where possibilities become reality through the convergence of technology and creativity. As a leading consulting company specializing in Digital Engineering, we embark on a transformative mission to redefine how organizations approach innovation and problem-solving.

Our Mission

To empower decision makers in transforming businesses,
By helping to manage cost & schedule and efficiently develop systems,
Using scientific methods and systemic approaches,
While maintaining design integrity and minimal rework.

Our Vision

Be a leader in advancing digital tapestry through Systems Engineering practices


May 2020
Company Incorporation
Oct 2020
Initiated Business Partnership in South Asia
Dec 2020
First successful customer engagement
Feb 2021
Aerospace vertical established
May 2021
First international customer engagement
Jan 2022
Shifted to larger office space in Pune
Oct 2022
Initiated Robotics and Automation Vertical
Jan 2023
Team Expansion in Bangalore
March 2023
Exhibited in-house framework in Aero India 2023
May 2023
Key partnerships established in US & Canada

Executive Team

Stueti Gupta
Business Director

14+ years industry & academia
System Dynamics Modeling, Architecture Analysis, MBSE MIT System Design & Management Certificate, USA
Mechanical Engineer
International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)

Ajit Mutalik
Business Director
19+ years industry Product Development, System Design, SW Architecture, Control Systems CalTech Systems Engineering Certificate, USA Electronics, Software Systems Engineer
Mudit Mittal
Technical Director

14+ years industry
MBSE, Product Development, Innovation Projects, Training
MIT System Design & Management Certificate, USA
Electronics & Embedded Engineer
International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)

Our Advisor

Jawahar Bhalla (JB)
Systems Thinker | Modelling & Simulation Expert | Communicator | Systems Engineering Leader
Serge Landry
Systems and Software Engineering | System Definition/System Architecture | Integration, Verification and Validation | INCOSE Certified Expert SEP
Vishwas Vaidya
Automotive Embedded Systems Engineering | Two, Three and Four Wheel EV Architect

principal consultants

Devanandham (Deva) Henry

Systems Engineering – Practitioner, Researcher, Educator, Consultant, Reviewer, ABET Program Evaluator

Samir Shriram Bagalkote
Robotics and Industrial

Product Management and Systems Engineering

Anupam Sharma

Management Team

Prachi (Shrikhande) Dharap
Training Manager
Nikita Nasre
Finance and HR Executive