The space-time continuum of the product development lifecycle


Imagine if the product development stage were mapped in terms of Time and Space. All the steps, all the artifacts that you develop during the lifecycle are placed spatially (in form of some documents). Their coming into being was through the time. The time that engineers, program managers and all the other stakeholders spent investing their energy and skills to build towards a saleable, marketable and long lasting quality product that their customers would cherish.


Now what happens when something goes south? What happens if requirements aren’t met, the program is not on schedule, or an unfortunate event hampers the performance of your product for which there were no risk mitigation plans? Wouldn’t it be nice to travel back into the time and the space to look at all the artifacts you built through the complete development lifecycle ? Wouldn’t you wish this fabric of space-time continuum bent for you to travel back in time?


Now imagine if all your hard work was captured in models and digital engineering tools, and connected, and managed for configuration and change, this would be your space-time fabric, your digital fabric. This will be a digital fabric where you will be able to travel in time and space both, to achieve the impossible, to reduce the turn-around time, to make fewer mistakes, and get things right the first time, and most importantly manage changes and help build resilient systems!