Systems Engineering as an automative DNA

The masterclass will be a lively session peppered with stories based upon valuable real life lessons and case studies. It will also encourage the participants to share insights about their past and ongoing pain points where a system engineering approach would have successfully eliminated them. The key learning outcomes from the webinar could be summarized as below: Significance of the System engineering considerations for automotive field System Engineering work flow supported by case studies Insights into “requirement engineering” and is role in system architecture System architecture design and subsystem-based system implementation System engineering journey from subsystem to component level design Verification and validation and design iterations/refinement The masterclass will inspire participants to build a system engineering action plan towards their ongoing and upcoming assignments. Rather than a passive listening, the audience will be encouraged to contribute through their views and insights to this knowledge sharing session. The masterclass will mark a kick-off to our collective journey towards a bright future powered by system engineering insights.

After understanding what systems engineering is all about and appreciating the potential benefits it offers, there is usually an interest to implement systems engineering at once! However, “What do I do next?” is a question that commonly arises in one’s mind. Is this a question in YOUR mind right now? This webinar helps to find out what to do when you are ready to begin your systems engineering implementation journey. Whether you are working on an automotive sub-system, an aircraft drone, a safety product, a software application, a home appliance, or any other commercial product, this webinar will have something in it for you! The purpose of this webinar is NOT to give you a ready-to-implement solution, but to provide some useful pointers to get you started. After all, systems engineering focusses on UPFRONT effort early on during the system lifecycle – and this is true for systems engineering implementation as well!

"I wish to implement Systems Engineering. What next?"

Masterclass on Leveraging Operational Scenarios in Decision Making

    The session will prepare you to

  • Create simple yet effective ConOps and Use Cases
  • Methods operational analysis
  • Things to consider when doing operational analysis
  • Derive effective system requirements through operational analysis